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Effect on various organs in TNBS-induced ulcerative colitis

Purpose: In this study, the effect on heart, kidneys and liver organs in TNBS-induced Ulcerative colitis was investigated.

Method: Twenty mice were randomly divided into two groups, which included normal group and model group. The model of chronic colitis was induced by 50% TNBS. The model of chronic colitis was verified by body weight, H&E staining. Heart, kidneys and liver organs were tested by H&E staining and Relative weight of heart and spleen.

Results: Colon of mice appeared obviously pathological changes by injection of 50% TNBS. In addition, mortality of chronic colitis was 50%. Mortality with 70% and 55% TNBS-induced colitis was 100%. Meanwhile, heart, kidneys and liver organs also occurred pathological changes.

Conclusion: 50% TNBS could induce successfully the model of Ulcerative colitis. At the same time, 50% TNBS can also induce heart, kidneys and liver damage. In addition, these results indicate that the occurrence of chronic colitis may induce heart, liver, kidney damage.

Author(s): Chen-yang Zhi, Zhe Lv, Ning Kong, Yan Chen, Zhe-hui Wang, Hai-cheng Gao
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