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Effect of Xuesaitong on elderly patients with severe acute pancreatitis by selective arterial intervention therapy

The aim of this study was to observe the effect of Xuesaitong on senile Severe Acute Pancreatitis (SAP) patients by selective artery interventional therapy. Sixty senile SAP patients were divided into a control group (32 cases) and an observation group (28 cases). In addition to Xuesaitong injection in the observation group, both the groups received the same local pancreatic artery infusion drugs. The curative effects of the two groups were compared. Blood amylase reduced in the observation group faster than in the control group (P<0.01). Compared with the control group, the results of the observation group were much better with regards to abdominal pain relief, recovery of bowel sound, radiographic improvement, reducing the complications and shorter hospital stays (P<0.05). The levels of serum TNF-α and IL-6 in the observation group decreased significantly than that in the control group (P<0.05). Selective arterial interventional therapy combined with Xuesaitong was more effective and helped to reduce complications, mortality, and length of hospital stay and improved the prognosis in elderly patients with SAP.

Author(s): Xiao-Peng Tian, Hui-Min Zhao, Min-Jie Xue
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