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Effect of ultraviolet radiation combined with immersion disinfection of silicone impressions infected with hepatitis B virus and HIV

Purpose: The objective of the present study was to evaluate the effect of ultraviolet ray combined with immersion method on the disinfection of silicone impression materials.

Methods: Forty eight silicone impressions were rinsed by flushing water and then completely dried. Impressions were randomly divided into A and B groups (n=24). In group A, serum sample with positive hepatitis B virus was smeared evenly on the surface of dental impressions. In group B, serum samples positive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) were evenly smeared on the surface of dental impressions according to the procedures described in group A. The dental impressions were subgrouped into 1, 2, 3 and 4 groups (n=6). A1 and B1 were established as control groups. In A2 and B2 groups, dental impressions were subjected to ultraviolet radiation at intensity of 7000 μW/cm2 for 30 s. In A3 and B3 groups, dental impressions were immersed in 2% glutaraldehyde solution for 5 min.

Results: In A4 and B4 groups, the impressions were subjected to ultraviolet radiation for 30 s, and subsequently immersed in 2% glutaraldehyde solution for 5 min. 2% glutaraldehyde immersion or ultraviolet radiation disinfection alone failed to achieve high disinfection effect. Combined use of ultraviolet radiation and 2% glutaraldehyde immersion can eliminate both HBV and HIV.

Conclusion: Ultraviolet radiation combined with 2% glutaraldehyde immersion exerts high effect upon the disinfection of dental impressions infected with HBV and HIV.

Author(s): Wei Zhang, Huiling Mao, Guoqing Zhou
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