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Effect of Tai Chi Chuan training on main performance during dance movements

Purpose: Tai Chi Chuan (TCC) training is usually considered as useful training methods for improving postural stability during human movement performance. Whether the jumps, spin, and balance required in dance movements can be reinforced through TCC training is not certain. This study was to investigate the influence of 8-week TCC training on the selected dance movements.

Method: A total of 16 senior high school dancers participated in this study (8 in the training group and 8 in the control group). A force platform and a 3D motion analysis system were used to analyze the movements of sauté (jump), passé (balance), and pirouette en dehors (spin).

Results: The results showed that the training group demonstrated greater improvement than did the control group in the following areas: (a) The maximum lower extremity push-off force and air hang time during sauté jumps; (b) The center of gravity (COG) shift distance and shift speed during passé balance; (c) The working leg hip joint external rotation angle, the supporting leg plantar flexion angle, and the COG shift distance during pirouette en dehors spin.

Conclusion: TCC training facilitated reinforcing dance movements and may be used as part of physical training program for improving dance performance.

Author(s): Hai-Bin Yu, Yi-Hsin Chang, Pao-Yi Liao, Yung-Shen Tsai
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