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Effect of rope skipping combining calcium pyruvate on fat metabolism of female college students

Objective: To study the effect of rope skipping combining calcium pyruvate on the fat metabolism of female college students.

Methods: 60 cases of female college students who are over 58 kg were selected and equally divided into three groups. Group A was given single rope skipping exercise; group B was given single oral calcium pyruvate treatment; and group C was given rope skipping combining oral calcium pyruvate treatment. Groups A and C were given routine rope skipping for 60 min per d. Groups B and C were given calcium pyruvate of 50 mg/kg for 12 w and twice a day. The physical and psychological indexes of three groups before and after the experiment were observed.

Results: The weight, body fat ratio, Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR), body mass, and blood lipid level of three groups after the experiment were significantly lower than before. The differences were statistically significant, with P<0.05. Among three groups, the effect of group C was significantly better than groups A and B. The difference was statistically significant, with P<0.05.

Conclusion: The combination of rope skipping and calcium pyruvate can effectively speed up the fat metabolism and optimize body shape of female college students, which is worth clinical application and promotion.

Author(s): Weiguo Gong, Jiange Jiang
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