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Effect of Oxidative stress on sperm quality in Leukocytospermic infertile men

It has been proposed that leukocytospermia has a role to play in male infertility. Leukocytes are considered to be the primary source for generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) re-sulting in oxidative stress. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of oxidative stress created by leukocytospermia on sperm parameters and sperm function test. Specimens were divided into two groups: Group 1. Non-leukocytospermic WBC ≤106 /ml (N=60) Group 2. Leukocytospermic WBC>106 /ml (N=56). Leukocyte measurement was done by Peroxidase staining using Ortho-Toluidine (WHO, 2000). Semen parameters in group 1 and 2 infertility subjects were studied. Sperm concentration, sperm motility (%), normal sperm morphology (%), % Viability, HOS (%), MDA and NO concentration were compared in two groups i.e. non-leukocytospermic and leukocytospermic subjects. MDA and NO concentration were higher in leukocytospermic than nonleukocytospermic subjects and they had statistically significant difference (p<0.0001). Data from current study suggest a possible role of oxida-tive stress on sperm quality in leukocytospermic infertile men.

Author(s): Garg Vidya, Garg S.P,Rawekar A.T,Deshpande V.K, Biswas D.A.,Sawane M.V., Akarte A.N.
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