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Effect of intense pulsed light on the treatment of facial pigmentation caused by burn

Objective: To observe and analyse the effect of intense pulsed light on facial pigmentation caused by burn.

Methods: From January 2015 to May 2017, 42 patients with facial pigmentation caused by burn enrolled in our hospital were collected. All of them received intense pulsed light therapy by the way of BEAUTYFLASH NP-LTSS produced by General Project Company and the efficacy of treatment was observed and analysed.

Results: All cases were followed up after receiving intense pulsed light treatment and the result showed that the effective ratio in the patients was 80.24% in one month, 88.10% in 3 months, and 95.24% in one year. During the treatment, 2 patients experienced erythema and pain in skin of treatment area with mild symptoms that resolve spontaneously without special handling; 1 patient of blister who was healed up by implement of debridement and wound dressing and constantly treated with intense pulse light after stability and it turned out to be no conditions like hyper pigmentation or scar formation.

Conclusion: For patients with post-burn facial hyperpigmentation, the intense pulse light treatment program is effective, safe and reliable in fading the facial pigmentation caused by burn.

Author(s): Furong Fan, Qun Zhang, Yang Liu, Jingde Zhang, Yingying Zhang
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