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Effect of individual psychological nursing intervention on quality of life and mental health status of patients with liver cirrhosis

Objective: To explore the effect of individualized psychological nursing intervention on the quality of life and mental health of patients with cirrhosis, and to carry out rehabilitation nursing for patients with liver cirrhosis.

Method: In a hospital selected patients which are diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and treatment of 224 in total, and according to the random number table is divided into an experimental group and control group. Each group of 112 cases, were given routine nursing intervention and individualized psychological nursing intervention, and according to the method of nursing care of patients with 5 months recorded the mental state of the patients in the two groups, living conditions, mental status, two group patients quality of life and mental health status of the comparison of two kinds of nursing intervention, and draw the best nursing intervention of in patients with liver cirrhosis.

Results: The quality of life, the score of the individual groups were significantly higher, the difference was statistically significant, the difference was statistically significant between P<0.05, and the difference between nursing before and after P>0.05, there was no significant difference between conventional nursing group and conventional nursing group.

Conclusion: Personalized psychological nursing has a positive effect on the quality of life and mental health of patients with liver cirrhosis.

Author(s): Ran Zhang, Yueran Liu, Jianhua Zhu, Mei Hu, Jun Wang
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