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Effect of high fibre food mix on lipid profile and body weight in obese subjects

The study aimed to assess the efficacy of developed high fibre food mix on the management of obesity. The high fibre food mix was developed by using region specific ingredients. The dietary intervention was carried out on obese rural farm women for a period of 120 days by providing 1/3 rd daily requirement of protein and energy. Impact of food mix was evaluated by assessing somatic and biochemical parameters at pre and post dietary intervention. The developed mix contained protein (15.80 ± 0.32g), fat (2.60 ± 0.12g), energy (320 kcal), carbohydrate (60.75g) and dietary fibre (29.5 ± 0.91g) per 100 g of the mix. Significant reduction in weight (65.34 ± 10.97 kg to 63.23 ± 10.60 kg) leading to reduction in body mass index (27.84 ± 4.14 to 26.95 ± 4.06) and reduction in hip circumference (105.23 ± 9.96 cm to 104.93 ± 9.90 cm) was recorded at P≤0.05 level. Significant decrease in cholesterol, low density lipoprotein and fasting blood sugar was observed from pre to post test. The food based dietary intervention with high protein and dietary fibre showed desirable effects on body weight and biochemical parameters. Hence the inclusion of millets, legumes vegetables and oilseeds in the daily diet enhances the dietary fibre intake and thus helps in management of body weight.

Author(s): Geetha K, Geetha Yankanchi M, Netravati Hiremath
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