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Effect of forest bathing and exercising on human healthy in young people in Sichuan Province

Objective: The aim of this article was to comprehensively examine the effect of forest bathing and exercising on human healthy in young people between forest and city environment in Sichuan province Methods: All experiments were randomly assigned to three groups. After doing experimental schedule which was informed to all the experiments, we summarized and analyzed the data of the experiences about physiological and psychological testing, such as blood testing containing Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF-a), Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF), psychological measurements including POMS and PANAS, and so on. Results: Forest bathing might help to prevent cancer by IGF. Meanwhile reducing the level of oxidation in the body, it might achieve anti-aging, anti-tumor, and regulate the body's endocrine system to improve immunity. Forest bathing could significantly improve the mood and stress of the population, which reducing negative stress or negative emotions and increasing positive or positive emotions, to change the sub-health status of the population. Conclusion: In this paper, we learned that forest bathing might be good at human health, especially on anti-aging, anti-tumor, regulation of human endocrine system, improvement of immunity, etc

Author(s): Mu He, Weiquan Guo, Qiongying Hu, Min Chen, Xiaohua Wang, Wei Xu, Sa Ma, Li Zhang, Qunfang Lan, Jian Yang, Jihua Lan, Kailai Li, Qunying Chen, Wenjun Su
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