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Effect of alpha lipoic acid on cognitive function and oxidative stress in STZ diabetic rats

Objective: To observe the role of alpha lipoic acid (α-LA) and oxidative stress in STZ diabetic rats.

Methods: Male SD rats were randomly divided into 3 groups: Normal control group (NC, n=10); Diabetes control group (DC, n=10) and Diabetes lipoic acid group (DL, n=10), feeding for 18w. From 12 to 18w, α-LA (60 mg/kg) was given to DL group. Morris water maze test was evaluated in the 12th and 18th week. MDA, p22phox (NADPH oxidase subunit), SOD and GSH-Px levels of hippocampal tissue were determined in the 18th week.

Results: the escape latency period: 12w, DC>DL>NC group (P<0.05); 18 w, DC>DL group>NC group (P<0.05). MDA p22phox, NADPH oxidase subunit: DC group>DL>NC group (P<0.05). SOD and gsh-px: DC

Author(s): Qingjiu Zhang, Mengjia Kong, Hongyan Li, Jie Li, Hongyan Zhang, Songyun Zhang
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