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ECG signal classification and parameter estimation using multiwavelet transform

The electrocardiogram (ECG) shows the plot of the bio-potential generated by the activity of the heart and is used by physicians to predict and treat various cardio vascular diseases. The QRS detection is a very important step in ECG signal processing. The main parameters concerned with QRS detection are sensitivity, accuracy, positive prediction and detection error. The methods used to detect QRS complex in ECG signals are Pan Tompkins algorithm, derivative based QRS detection and wavelet transform based QRS detection. In this paper performance comparison of wavelet transform based QRS detection with Pan Tompkins algorithm and derivative based QRS detection is done based on the characteristics of sensitivity, positive prediction and detection error. The accuracy of the proposed methodology is 93.35% and the specificity is 90%.

Author(s): Balambigai Subramanian
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