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Early reconstruction treatment of shot putters' acute complete anterior cruciate ligament injury under knee arthroscopy

During daily training, shot putters are prone to acute complete anterior cruciate ligament injury, which is mainly treated with early reconstruction under knee arthroscopy to restore stability of injured athletes’ knee as soon as possible, help them towards early recovery and resume normal work and training. During knee arthroscopic treatment, extrusion screws are mainly used for acute complete anterior cruciate ligament injury patients to fix bone- patellar tendon (1/3)-bone complexus autotransplantation, reconstruct anterior cruciate ligament, conduct stop reconstruction or suture medial collateral ligament. During 2006 and 2015, 3000 cases of patients with acute complete anterior cruciate ligament rupture and medial collateral ligament rupture were treated with an average followup of 1 year, incision healed well and no infection was found and the patient recovered well after operation. As can be seen from this retrospective analysis, under arthroscopy, reconstruction of acute complete anterior cruciate ligament injury can be performed. The outstanding advantages of this treatment are small surgical trauma, timely treatment and good effect. Early arthroscopic reconstruction of ACL can clear intra-articular injury, shorten the treatment process, and meet the standard of treatment specification. It is worthy to be promoted in clinical application.

Author(s): Shaohua Liu
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