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Dyslipidemia frequency and related factors to blood in children suffering from type 1 diabetes

Background: Diabetes is linked to an extreme risk of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). Diabetes is certainly one of the most disorders of public health in Mediterranean area. All diabetic patients are at risk for heart attack, renal and auditory problems and etc. In this study frequency distribution of dyslipidemia and related blood factors were measured in children under 15 y old with type I diabetes in Babol.

Patients and Methods: 256 under 15 y old patients with type I diabetes that referred to our hospital were selected. Other information such as duration of disease, age and sex of patients were collected by special check list.

Results: The mean of cholesterol, LDL, TG were higher than Nelson standard and mean of HDL were statistically lower than Nelson standard (P<0.05). Also there is a relation between HbA1c and TG. In addition the prevalence of dyslipidemia by age groups was statistically different (P<0.05), but no statistically relation between sex and dyslipidemia and between duration and dyslipidemia was found. Finally, there was no statistically relation between dyslipidemia and insulin therapy methods. There was no meaning relation between BMI and LDL, TG, cholesterol but there was meaningful relationship between BMI and HDL.

Conclusion: Developing alternative and simple strategies is needed to improve the results. Education programs for diabetic patients and facilities such as complete insurance coverage for providing the best route for insulin therapy and monitoring of the patients are recommended.

Author(s): Arash Rahbar, Arian Hajian
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