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Dual-column acetabular fracture: A rare case with severe acetabular and cartilage wear

Acetabular fractures are quite challenging injuries for the orthopedic surgeon due to low incidence and the deep and complex anatomy. A 61 y old man fell from a single-storey house and sustained a right acetabular fracture and cartilage wear. The dual-column was fixed with cannulated screw fixation via anterior ilioinguinal approach and received second surgery of open reduction and pelvic reconstructive steel plate internal fixation. His hip pain was worsened and the diagnosis was traumatic arthritis. Artificial total hip replacement of the right hip was carried out using a posterolateral approach. Our experience with this case indicates that artificial total hip replacement may need to be considered in cases with dual-column acetabular fracture and cartilage wear.

Author(s): Xueze Li, Jiawei Yang, Shuai Rao, Jian Wang, Qing Wang, Dunliang Rao
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