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Distribution of major serum proteins in an airbrea-thing teleost, Channa punctata Bl. (Channidae: Channiformes)

Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) revealed that almost all of serum proteins of spotted snakehead Channa punctata precipitate at 75% ammonium sulphate (AS) saturation. AS fractions of 65% predominantly contained γ-globulins, traces of haptoglobin and β-globulin. Two of β-globulins, haptoglobins and transferrins were identifiable due to specific staining. Fraction of 45% AS saturation had only globulins, while fraction of 25% contained almost pure albumin-like protein. Albumin-like protein showed cross reactivity against rabbit anti-HSA antiserum. For albumin-like protein of Channa punctata, a molecular weight of 70 kD was determined by SDS-PAGE, which was similar to the value reported for HSA. Since serum albumin is not ubiquitously distributed in class Pisces, its occurrence in C. punctata, which is a fish of evolutionarily remote origin is significant.

Author(s): Riaz Ahmad, Khursheed A. Khan, Absar-ul Hasnain and Saba Qayyum
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