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Different anesthetic methods effect on children recovery quality with eye surgery

Objective: General anesthesia is often used in children’s eye surgery. General anesthetics such as propofol, fentanyl and sevoflurane were often used in eye surgery anesthesia as they can make patients regain consciousness quickly. This study aims to compare emergence agitation and recovery time for different anesthesia methods in patients with eye surgery.

Methods: Patients who received eye surgery in our hospital were randomly divided into three groups, in which they were anesthetized by propofol combined with remifentanil (PR), propofol combined with sevoflurane (PS), or single sevoflurane (S) respectively. After eye surgery, the eye opening time, extubation time, OASS score, Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP), Heart Rate (HR), dysphoria incidence and Ramsay score at different time points after extubation, recovery time, and complications were observed and compared among different groups.

Results: Patients in PR group showed longer eye opening time (11.31 ± 1.31 min) and extubation time (12.61 ± 2.27 min), and lower OASS score than those patients in PS group (8.56 ± 2.17 vs. 9.56 ± 2.16 min) and S group (7.54 ± 2.45 vs. 9.01 ± 2.12 min) (P<0.05). PS group presented longer eye opening time and extubation time than S group, without significant difference regarding OASS score (P>0.05). MAP and HR at 10 min (80.45 ± 13.37 mmHg and 75.14 ± 11.68 bpm), 15 min (88.11 ± 15.75 mmHg and 77.43 ± 12.11 bpm), 20 min (106.46 ± 15.15 mmHg and 78.21 ± 14.12 bpm), and 30 min (104.97 ± 18.24 mmHg and 87.92 ± 16.34 bpm) after extubation in PR group were obviously higher than those in PS and S group. Moreover, dysphoria incidence was reduced and Ramsay score was elevated significantly in PR group (P<0.05). Patients in PR group showed shorter recovery time and lower complication rate.

Conclusion: Combined anesthesia containing propofol and remifentanil presented lower dysphoria incidence and complication rate. It shortened recovery time and provided a high recovery quality.

Author(s): Zhanyun Yang, Xiquan Zhao, Xiangrong Min
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