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Diagnostic value of procalcitomin on pediatric severe infection

Objective: To observe PCT changes of pediatric severe infection, evaluate relations between its diagnostic value and disease severity conditions.

Methods: This study observed changes of infantile general bacterial infection, local bacterial infection, viral infection and infants without bacterial infection, relevance between disease severity conditions and PCT according to infantile severe evaluation scores.

Results: PCT as bacterial indexes, had statistical differences in body and local bacterial infection (F=1728.67 P<0.0001). PCT had relevance with disease severity conditions in general bacterial infection group (F=2635.98, P<0.0001). But in local bacterial infection group, viral infection group and noninfection group, there were no statistical differences between PCT and disease severity (P>0.05).

Conclusion: PCT can differentiate bacterial infection and non-bacterial infection effectively, especially in general bacterial infection, PCT will increase significantly. With local bacterial infection, PCT will increase slightly.

Author(s): Cheng Fang, An Hong, Dong Ying
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