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Diagnosis study on sports injuries combined with medical imaging technology

Using medical imaging technology to diagnose the athletes' sports injuries can help to accurately judge the specific damage of the body tissues or organs, and it is very important for the follow-up clinical treatment and the understanding of physical condition of the athletes. At present, the commonly used medical imaging technology has ultrasound diagnosis, X-ray radiography, MRI imaging and CT imaging technology. Through the research on the principle and characteristics of the four kinds of imaging techniques, they are not the same in the diagnosis and application of sports injuries. In order to research the specific applications of medical imaging technology in sports this work used 77 basketball players in one province of China as the research object. Based on the specific injury situation of athletes, X-ray or other imaging technology was used for sports injury imaging. Respectively, the 2015 sports trauma and previous trauma in 2015 were compared to the statistics, to understand the overall physical condition of the basketball players, and provide the diagnostic basis for the follow-up treatment of basketball players.

Author(s): Bin Lv, Sihua Li
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