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Diabetes risk 10 years forecast in the capital of Saudi Arabia: Canadian Diabetes Risk Assessment Questionnaire (CANRISK) perspective.

The prevalence of diabetes type 2 (DMT2) in Saudi Arabia has been increased dramatically. The early detection of diabetes is crucial in delaying the process of the disease. The Canadian Risk (CANRISK) is a self-administered questionnaire used to identify people at high risk for developing diabetes. The main objective of this study was to utilize the CANRISK to evaluate the diabetes risk among participants in the capital of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh). In this cross-sectional study design, the CANRISK was administered to a convenience sample of people (603) in Riyadh by healthcare professionals. Six hundred and three participants were recruited from public areas of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to participate in this study. The mean total CANRISK score for this study was 33.24(SD±11.36) with a range from 9 to 68. Women had significantly higher CANRISK total scores than did men in both moderate and high risk categories. High CANRISK score is emphasizing that more than half of the study participants have high risk for developing DMT2. Thus, urge the need for efforts to minimize sedentary lifestyle in Saudi general population.

Author(s): Ahmad Alghadira Hamzeh Awad, Einas Al-Eisa, Alia Alghwiri
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