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Development of novel chitosan based ketorolac implant controlled release formulation for subcutaneous drug delivery

This present experiment deals with a formulation of novel drug delivery system of chitosan implants to modulate the release of ketorolac through the fabrication of subcutaneous implant. The implants were prepared by compression technique. The chemical stability and the characteristic features of surface morphology of the implants were confirmed by using FTIR and SEM. The thermodynamic behavior of the novel implants was investigated by using DSC/TGA. The loading capacity of Ketorolac into chitosan implants was also evaluated. The release kinetic parameters were studied in dissolution media of phosphate buffer solution (PBS). The results find that the final formulation maintains chemical stability of the drug. The morphological features of the implant confirmed uniform inclusion and distribution of ketorolac into the chitosan matrix with an evidence of porous structure. The drug release pattern of the Ketorolac exhibited controlled release behavior from chitosan implants up to 45 d governed mainly by drug diffusion mechanism. The formulated of novel implants have shown a great potential in the long term subcutaneous delivery of ketorolac.

Author(s): Syed Ata Ur Rahman, Sabahuddin Siddique, Mohi Iqbal Mohammed Abdul, Durdana Lateef, Shubhasis Dan, Anirbandeep Bose
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