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Development of arduino based low cost neuro-feedback applied to ADHD

The main purpose of the presented paper is to implement a low-cost user-friendly neuro-feedback tool that can be used by children in underprivileged or developing countries in order to cope with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) via EEG signal analysis. First, the EEG is detected and analyzed with the help of an in-house designed and built system. The EEG signal spectrum is then divided into: Alpha, Beta, Theta and Gamma ranges. Second, the introduced work focuses on the analysis of power values related to Beta band of frequencies. Finally, the results of EEG analysis are exploited to switch on/off a game with the purpose of stimulation of child concentration.

Author(s): Enas Abdulhay, Arwa Abdelhay, Aya Kilani, Lana Al-Shwiat, Salam Al-Rousan
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