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Development of an evaluation index system for the humanistic qualities of medical practitioners in China

Background: A comprehensive evaluation model for the assessment of the humanistic qualities of medical practitioners is not currently available in Mainland China; thus, we aimed to construct one using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method.

Methods: We determined the weight of 37 indicators of the humanistic evaluation system.

Results: We found that the consistency ratio index provided by each expert upon grading was less than 0.1. Among all the indicators in the scheme layer, “reverence for life” had the highest weight (0.066), whereas “bioethics” and “ability to express empathy” were 0.053 and 0.047, respectively. The results of the AHP model were better than the results of the mean method model.

Conclusion: The model of evaluation that was established based on AHP is an objective and effective system and also represents a suitable guide for the selection and evaluation of personnel.

Author(s): Xiaowei Wu, Changkun Luo, Jianjun Huang, Dixiong Xu, Jidong Huang, Lin Mei, Jiancai Zhai, Junguo Chen, Yungui Wang
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