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Determination of hydrolyzed Gallic Acid content in Potentilla chinensis Ser by HPLC.

Hydrolyzed gallic acid in Potentilla chinensis Ser. was determined by HPLC using Potentilla chinensis Ser. as a model drug with chromatographic conditions as follows: Hypersil C18 column (250 mm × 4.6 mm, 5 μm); mobile phase methanol-0.05% aqueous solution of phosphoric acid (10:90); volume flow 1.0 mL/min; detection wavelength 271 nm; column temperature 25°C; and injection volume 20 μL. Injection amount of gallic acid was in a good linearity with peak area at a range of 36.080~230.912 ng, average recovery was 99.2%, with a RSD of 1.89%. Free gallic acid could hardly be detected in Potentilla chinensis Ser., while gallic acid amount was relatively high after hydrolysis, suggesting that Potentilla chinensis Ser. contained a certain amount of hydrolysable tannins. In conclusion, the indirect control of tannin residual amount in Potentilla chinensis Ser. can be achieved by determining hydrolyzed gallic acid in Potentilla chinensis Ser.

Author(s): Wenfeng Huang, Xiaoling Zhang, Xiaomei Wang, Canhui Ouyang, Tao Shu, Zhijun Xie, Zixiang Zhang
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