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Detecting and preventing black hole and wormhole attacks in wireless biosensor network using path assignment protocol

Many networks are available for coruscate secure communication on the wired, wireless, and ad hoc networks. The Central Network Authority Infrastructure (CNAI) is moving towards a new domain of communication such as Wireless Bio Sensor Network (WBSN), perhaps any node communicate with inter or intra region’s nodes, the chance to dissemble the packet, route and medium (source and destination). Moreover, other than wired, wireless networks, the WBSN is full of security challenges. For instance, the vulnerability of attack in the form of black hole and wormhole is causes the packet delivery between the medium of CNAI. These causes bring down the secure communication, to blow up drawbacks of security in WBSN, the attacks deduction and reduction is essential. Therefore this paper proposes a rapid response round trip time mechanism to detect the black hole and wormhole attacks. In addition to this, the path assignment protocol used to reduce those attacks and produce the higher efficiency and throughput with cost-effective.

Author(s): Manikandan KP, Satyaprasad R, Rajasekhararao K
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