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Biomedical Research

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Design, implementation, and evaluation of an introductory biomedical engineering course

This paper presents the design and implementation of an introductory course in Biomedical Engineering at the undergraduate level. The course was structured to give a brief introduction of all biomedical engineering knowledge areas, the bioethics that each biomedical engineer should have, and the technical writing skills the students need during their education or after graduation. The course design relied on the backward by design theory. After assessing course results; the students showed a better understanding to the meaning of biomedical engineering when comparing their opening versus closing surveys, and also had relatively good grades. The faculty members also pointed out the students' enhanced technical skills compared to previous students who did not take the course. The course with this design helped the students to receive an early understanding of biomedical engineering multidisciplinary nature with adequate ethical and technical communication skills. The course can be implemented to any other BME departments.

Author(s): Areen K Al-Bashir, Ruba E Khnouf, Enas W Abdulhay
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