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Biomedical Research

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Design and implementation of flexible wearable antenna on thyroid gland in the detection of cancer cells

The article brings out an innovative Z shape wearable patch antenna that was designed over textile also the other type of substrates to test its performance over ISM (industrial, scientific, medicine) band of microwave frequencies was discussed. Wearable antenna has the wearable and textile properties bending in 2D, which shows the flexibility for the wearable electronic devices. Since the performance of the antenna is working on ISM band, it is perfectly suitable for biomedical applications. In the proposed antenna silk substrate is chosen for implementation because of its low SAR and is placed on the thyroid gland to detect the cancer cells. The performances of the antenna were varied, when it is placed on the thyroid gland of the human tissue, Tissue properties were considered and analyzed within and without cancer affected areas. Since cancer cells are more water content tissues, the gain and electrical conductivity performance were found changed. While placing the antenna on thyroid gland it is also observed that there is a change in working frequency of the Z-patch silk substrate wearable antenna. The simulated results have been tabulated and measured. The results of the fabricated proposed antenna S11 have been shown by using the network analyzer.

Author(s): Rexiline Sheeba I, Jayanthy T
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