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Design and implementation of automatic body heat sink for the Hypohidrosis patient.

Objective: To give a concept for Designing an Arduino based device for treatment of a sweating disorder for the patient suffering from hypohidrosis and anhidrosis sweating conditions, by using Thermoelectric cooler which follows the principle of Peltier effect. Methods: The whole system is based on cooling properties of the thermoelectric cooler (TEC), (operating voltage 0-15.2V DC and 0-6A) and temperature sensor LM35 (Operating voltage 4-30 volts) detection. The device operating system is controlled by the Arduino Uno R3 (Operating voltage 5v, Input voltage 7-12V) programming and powered by a lipo battery. If body temperature exceeds >37°C then Arduino will send signal to relay D2 Vmax (3.5 VDC-33.6 VDC) to turn on TEC and then TEC start cooling from one side that is attached to the skin and exhales heat from another side by heat sink fan until the body temperature of specific body area under TEC reaches to the normal body temperature. Results: TEC voltage is inversely proportional to the change in temperature, so when the body temperature increases with respect to atmospheric temperature then TEC voltage decreases which eventually cause an increase in temperature of cooling side of TEC. When TEC voltage is 2.5V then the temperature at the cooling side will be 15.5°C. When TEC voltage is 3.5V then the temperature at the cooling side will be 12.5°C. When TEC voltage is 4.9V then the temperature at the cooling side will be 6.8°C. When TEC voltage is 6.2V then the temperature at the cooling side will be 3.1°C. When TEC voltage is 10.2V then the temperature at the cooling side will be 2.9°C. Conclusion: This device can be very helpful for treating patients suffering from Hypohidrosis and anhidrosis and with the help of this device patient can go for a normal life. Significance: This device will be very useful in medical and commercial point of view it will help to cure the sweating disorder and it can provide comfort, practicality, and mobility to the patient. It lowers the body temperature in an efficient way and it is also less expensive and it can be helpful for the preventing heat stroke in summer days, besides treating anhidrosis and Hypohidrosis patient it can be helpful for the people who work in warmer areas.

Author(s): Tayaba Naz, Muhammad Atif, Asim Aslam, Aqib Aslam, Faryal Ashraf
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