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Biomedical Research

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Design and development of low investment smart hospital using internet of things through innovative approaches

Currently smart hospitals are very few as well as very expansive. The cost of these smart hospital set up can be reduced by deploying Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is booming technology in many fields for smart environments. This paper presents an innovative technical support for development of smart hospitals with low investment. Automation in dealing with medical things reduces the human intervention. Patient remote monitoring system monitors the chronic disease patient’s health condition continuously and generates alerts during abnormal situations of patient’s health. A Patient remote monitoring system includes wearable devices which are developed by using Internet of Things. The wearable devices track the patients’ health condition continuously. In addition, the hospital beds equipped with sensors that measure patient’s vital signs that can be converted to deploy as Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) technology. Finally, the proposed model built with very limited capital that provides better service for all kind of peoples.

Author(s): Patan Rizwan, Rajasekhara Babu M, Suresh K
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