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Biomedical Research

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Design and control of a linear switched reluctance actuator of motorization a left ventricular assist device

We proposed a new concept of left ventricular mechanical circulatory assist device (LVAD) positioned on the descending aorta, called Pulsamag. In order to avoid the occurrence of thrombosis, this pulsatile pump incorporates the pump and valve function. A demonstrator has been designed and is based on a linear tubular actuator with variable reluctance. The inside of the tubular translator is equipped with a 20 mm diameter aortic valve allowing the circulation of blood. The dynamic response of the actuator is determined from coupling of the electrical and mechanical models, which is characterized by a constraining oscillating coport. Internal model control is applied to reduce oscillations and increase the performance of the LVAD system.

Author(s): Imen Saidi, Mohamed Ali Hamdi, Dhaou Soudani
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