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Data mining based on integrated network behaviour analysis of different biological groups

With the fast development of big data and the encryption of network behavior was increasing, it was not enough to use single network behavior for big data analysis and mining in encrypted network environment. In this paper, a large number of network behaviors were analyzed in the process of handling cases, and the features of network behavior were extracted in order to identify different kinds of biological groups, and then the information mining scoring model which based on the integrated network behavior of big data was proposed, and the knowledge of frontline intelligence analysts were processed into expert model, then the key suspects were automatically and exactly found through the expert knowledge and scoring model, and it can also be used in the biological areas to find special objects. Experiments and practical project applications showed that this method could not only solve the difficult in the practical work, but also improve the efficiency of the work.

Author(s): Hejun Zhu, Liehuang Zhu
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