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Cystitises in the equine species: pathogenetic causes, histomorphological aspects and analogies with the human species

Reports in literature of urinary bladder alterations in the equine species are few and far between Most excretory urinary tract inflammation pathologies are triggered by some sort of infection, although chemical and physical causes have also been evidenced, particularly in human medicine. Infrequent cases of phlogosis caused by toxins in the bloodstream (Cantharidin and Mycotoxin in the horse) have, however, been observed in veterinary medicine. The aim of this paper is to present a comparative study of equine cystitises and their analogies with the human species. To this end, the authors have examined 235 urine bladders taken from regularly slaughtered horses.

Author(s): Perillo A; Passantino G; Passantino L; Cianciotta A; Lo Presti G; Troncone A
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