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CT characteristics and diagnostic value of non-small cell lung cancer

Objective: To explore the value of Computed Tomography (CT) examination in the diagnosis of nonsmall cell lung cancer.

Methods: Ninety patients with non-small cell lung cancer in hospital from December 2015 to 2016 December were divided into observation group and control group. CT examination was used in observation group and tumor marker, TM (TM) detection was used in control group. Diagnosis rate and patient satisfaction were compared between two groups.

Results: The inspection result showed observation group had a significantly higher diagnose accordance rate of non-small cell lung cancer than control group (88.9% vs. 60.0%, P<0.05). Diagnostic survey indicated that had a significantly higher patient satisfaction than control group (P<0.05). The comparison between Observation group and control group for planar CT values of non-small cell lung cancer shows significant difference (P<0.05)

Conclusion: CT detection method can effectively improve the detection accuracy and patient satisfaction of non-small cell lung cancer. Therefore, it is worthy of promotion and application in clinical diagnosis.

Author(s): Yan-hua Chen, He Zhang
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