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CT and MRI analysis of primary osteosarcoma in children

Background: The present study was aimed to study the CT and MRI features of primary osteosarcoma in children and their diagnostic values.

Methods: 56 patients with primary osteosarcoma diagnosed by pathology were examined using both CT and MRI.

Results: CT technique confirmed 52 cases (92.86%) of osteosarcoma whereas, MRI confirmed 49 cases (87.50%). The remaining cases were diagnosed as benign bone tumor. The maximum diameter diagnosed by CT was (2.2 ± 0.8 cm) on average and 2.1 ± 0.7 cm was diagnosed with MRI. There were 43 cases (82.69%) with bone destruction, 36 (69.23%) with soft tissue mass, 25 (48.08%) with bone tumors and 37 (71.15%) with periosteal reaction diagnosed CT. Further, there were 49 cases (100%) with medullary cavity invasion, 40 (81.63%) with bone cortical breakthrough, 36 (73.47%) with soft tissue mass and 38 (77.55%) with peritumoral edema diagnosed by MRI. On the other hand, enhanced scanning showed that there were 42 cases with obvious edge enhancement, 7 cases with obvious internal, 43 cases in obvious heterogeneous enhancement and 6 cases with mild-moderate enhancement.

Conclusion: The diagnostic accuracy of CT and MRI of children with primary osteosarcoma is relatively high and both techniques are complimentary to each other.

Author(s): Jun Li, Changhai Liu, Tao Ding, Bin Wu, Feng Chen, Biao Jin
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