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Correlative study of bone related Biochemical parameters in normal postmenopausal women and hyperglycemic postmenopausal women

Described and treated since ancient times, diabetes is an incurable chronic disease that affects almost every organ and system of the body. The present study comprised a total of 78 postmenopausal women out of which 40 women had diabetes mellitus type 2 and all these women had attained menopause for average five years. The remaining 38 were normal, non-diabetic, and post-menopausal women. Data regarding bone related parameters like calcium, phosphorus, hydroxyproline, bone formation marker alkaline phosphatase, HbA1c and blood sugar levels were estimated. The results obtained showed that in postmenopausal diabetic women the serum alkaline phosphatase tends to be higher, while serum calcium and phosphorus levels are decreased, moreover an increase in level of urinary calcium and hydroxyproline is seen. Therefore, our findings suggest that hyperglycemia in postmenopausal women affect the bone related biochemical parameters.

Author(s): Meena Varma, Sangeeta Paneri, Preetha Badi
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