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Correlation study between postoperative Dysphagia and change in cervical alignment after anterior cervical spine surgery

Background and Aim: Understanding the correlation between the development of Dysphagia and change in the cervical alignment after cervical spine surgery in patients.

Methods: From 2017 to 2020, 198 patients were treated with anterior cervical decompression and plate fixation where 12 months examination and study follow-ups are undertaken on 172 patients. Along with, the other 154 patients underwent anterior cervical disc replacement where 12 months extensive follow-ups were commenced on 98 patients. The questionnaire was distributed among 270 patients under 12 months follow-ups to investigate the onset and time of appearance of dysphagia, symptoms, relief, treatment plan and other health issues associated, if any. After getting the detailed feedback, all the patients were divided into the dysphagia group and the control group, to determine the excessive cervical lordosis change and other risk factors were associated with the dysphagia symptom or not.

Results: The results showed that 12.8% of patients have postoperative dysphagia in anterior cervical discectomy in fusion group and 5.1% of patients have in cervical disc replacement group. According to the regression equation, the excessive change of C2-C7 angle significantly increases the incidence rate of postoperative dysphagia. It was also observed that, the incidence rate of postoperative dysphagia was significantly greater in patients whose C2-C7 angle change more than 5 degree compare to the patients has less than 5 degree C2-C7 angle. The assessed parameters like Sex, age, BMI, operation time, blood loss, surgery approach, revision ratio, the number of surgical segments, the highest surgical segment, and C3 segment doesn’t affect the occurrence of dysphagia.

Conclusions: Development of Dysphagia symptoms are highly prevalent comorbidities after cervical spine surgery in the patients. The change in the Cervical lordosis importantly influencing promoting the occurrence of dysphagia after anterior cervical spine surgery.

Author(s): Jie Yu, Xiaohui Tao
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