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Correlation between genetic polymorphisms of O6-methylguanine-DNAmethyltransferase (MGMT) and temozolomide resistance in malignant brain gliomas patients and prognosis of malignant brain gliomas

Objective: To study the correlation between genetic polymorphisms of O6-Methylguanine-DNAMethyltransferase (MGMT) and temozolomide resistance in malignant brain gliomas.

Methods: 35 patients with gliomas (WHO grades III and IV) visited Neurosurgery Department in our hospital from 2007 to 2012. They were confirmed by pathology after the surgery without the acceptance of chemotherapy and with complete follow-up data were collected in our study. MGMT protein expression in the tumor tissues was detected with the method of immunohistochemistry staining. DNA sequence of MGMT gene exon was measured and patient's overall survival was tracked after the chemotherapy with temozolomide.

Results: After the chemotherapy with temozolomide, there was no statistical significance between the MGMT mutation in exon and MGMT positive expression without polymorphism (P>0.05).

Conclusion: There are three sites with polymorphism confirmed by previous studies in exons 3-5 of MGMT gene. But the correlation between these three sites mutation in MGMT gene was followed up in this study and temozolomide resistance became weak.

Author(s): Junrong Lei, Zhi Yang, Jun Qin
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