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Correlation analysis between pulmonary function and chest radiograph in molybdenum mine works

Objective: To study the impairment degree of pulmonary function in molybdenum silicosis miners and analysed the relationship between pulmonary function parameters and chest X-ray film.

Method: Seventy-five molybdenum mine silicosis cases and thirty-five healthy cases were reviewed. They underwent pulmonary function and chest radiography and compared the pulmonary function parameters in different chest X-ray manifestation.

Results: (1) With the step-up of silicosis category, every pulmonary function parameter decreased gradually. Compared with control, radiographic silicosis in stage showed significant difference in all parameters (p<0.05). And these four parameters also have statistical difference between stages I, II and III. (2)As the increased of regions related to silicotic lesions, the parameters level were slightly decrement and more significant reductions with progressive massive fibrosis in FEV1,V75,V50 and V25 (p<0.05). (3) The differences in small opacities classes and the density of small opacities of silicosis were not lead to transparent discrepancy in all pulmonary function parameters.

Conclusion: The pulmonary ventilation function is mainly in relation to silicosis stage and the formation or the degree of massive fibrosis.

Author(s): Qiuhong Zhu, Yiwen Jiang
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