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Conservative therapy options for the treatment of coxarthrosis in the early stage of the condition

Aim: Arthrosis of the hip joint is a condition that is becoming more and more common-it affects 1% of the population and constitutes a serious problem for their working efficiency and active way of life. The deforming arthrosis limits the functional capacity of the affected patients, worsens their quality of life and leads to incapacitation of the patients. The treatment of patients with coxarthrosis has to be planned and carried out comprehensively, in accordance with the pathological findings, the stage, duration and individual abilities of each patient. In the early stages of the condition, conservative therapy plays an essential role in the prophylaxis of complications and in slowing down the process. Physical and rehabilitation methods, in combination with medicamentous therapy, yield good results. This article focuses on the application of the comprehensive effect of conservative physiotherapeutic methods and complementary drug therapy in the early stage of coxarthrosis. The aim of the study is to investigate the efficiency of the combined application of physiotherapeutic electrical procedures and kinesitherapy methods and means in the treatment of coxarthrosis in the initial stage.

Material and Methods: 18 out-patients with coxarthrosis at an average age of 68, were subjected to a treatment schedule including: interferential current, low-frequency magnetic field, ultra phoresis with non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications, followed by a program of remedial exercise administered in 2 courses of 7 d at ‘St. Panteleymon’ Hospital in Plovdiv, in the period from September 2017 to May 2018.

Results: The range of motion in terms of degrees exhibits a tendency towards increasing at the end of the course of therapy, as compared to that at the beginning of the course. The results from the initial and final muscle tests of the hip joint showed an improvement of the muscle function (from a degree of 3.50 to a degree of 4.50).

Conclusion: In patients with coxarthrosis in the initial stage, the pain subsides after the physical and rehabilitation therapy administered in combination with medications.

Author(s): Petya Kasnakova, Stanislava Ivanova, Kalin Ivanov, Elina Petkova-Gueorguieva, Stanislav Gueorguiev, Vasil Madzharov, Anna Mihaylova, Penka Petleshkova
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