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Computer-related health problems among university students in Majmaah region, Saudi Arabia

Introduction: The increased reliance on computer results in crucial health issues among the users. This research aimed to study the prevalence and factors associated with Computer-related health problems among University students in Majmaah region, Saudi Arabia.

Materials and Methods: 146 students were selected for this cross-sectional study using conveniencesampling technique. Data regarding personal characteristics, computer usage and prevalence of Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), Visual symptoms and sleep disorders were collected by a valid, reliable and self-administered questionnaire.

Results: The prevalence of MSDs (any one body region), Visual symptoms (any one symptom) and sleep disorders was 52.7%, 54.8% and 56.8% respectively. Female gender, Laptop use without external mouse and inadequate breaks were associated with MSDs (P<0.05). Extensive smart phone use was associated with sleep disorders (P<0.05).

Conclusion: The measures to promote the awareness about health and safety issues related to computer use among the university students should be given utmost priority. Moreover, the culture of reporting injuries and relevant issues should be encouraged among the student community to enhance early detection and intervention.

Author(s): Mohamed Sherif Sirajudeen, Hariraja Muthusamy, Mazen Alqahtani, Mohamed Waly, Abdul Khadar Jilani
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