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Computer aided diagnostic (CAD) for feature extraction of lungs in chest radiograph using different transform features

The goal of this work is to develop a Computer Aided diagnostic (CAD) algorithm for segmentation and feature extraction of Lung Region in Posterior Anterior (PA) chest radiograph (CXR) using different transforms. In our work, Segmentation of lung region is done by watershed Segmentation and feature extraction of the segmented lung region is done by five different transform methods the Multi resolution approach (MRA). The Performance of different MRA techniques like discrete cosine transforms (DCT), Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), Discrete Shearlet Transform (DST), Curvelet Transform (CT) and Bandlet Transform (BT) for feature extraction of the lung region in CXR is analyzed by using various statistical parameters. The performance evaluation of all this transform is done for 247 images in Japanese Scientific Research database (JSRT) database and bests of this method which give good Feature descriptor is analyzed.

Author(s): Mercy Theresa M, Subbiah Bharathi V
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