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Component analysis of prostatic calculi and the causes of calculus formation

Objective: To analyze the chemical components of prostatic calculi.

Method: An infrared automatic analyzer was used to determine the chemical components of prostatic calculi from 86 patients, and the causes of formation and related clinical data were examined.

Results: Magnesium ammonium phosphate and carbapatite were found in 84.9% of calculi, and the difference in the comparison with urinary infection was statistically significant. The components of prostatic calculi differed significantly from those of the urinary tract, and their formation was related to many factors.

Conclusions: Prevention of prostate infection can effectively reduce the occurrence of prostatic calculi; healthy lifestyles and habits are of great significance in calculus formation.

Author(s): Wei Guo, Meini Chen, Xiaolong He, Ansheng Bai, Jixue Gao, Ye Zhang, Yi Li, Jing Wen
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