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Comparison of myocardial bridging prevalence using 64-slice versus 256-slice computed tomography scanners: What has changed with recent innovations in CT?

Objective: To compare the incidence and appearance of myocardial bridging (MB) by computed tomography (CT) angiography using 64-slice versus 256-slice CT.

Methods: In total, 775 consecutive patients who underwent coronary CT angiography were evaluated using a 64-slice or a 128x2-slice dual-source scanner.

Results: The prevalence of MB was 13.9% using 64-slice-CT and 31.5% using 256-slice-CT. The superficial type of MB segments was detected three times more frequently by 256-slice-CT.

Conclusions: A higher prevalence of MB and the superficial type of bridging were revealed with the 256- slice-CT scanner. Advances in CT technology may enable detection and potentially prevent the unwanted effects of MB.

Author(s): Cemile Ayse Görmeli, Jülide Yagmur, Ramazan Özdemir, Zeynep Maras Özdemir, Aysegül Sagir Kahraman, Cemil Çolak
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