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Comparison of efficacy between blind and direct vision flap trimming for the treatment of axillary osmidrosis

Objective: To investigate the clinical effect of flap trimming operation under direct vision and blindness in the treatment of axillary osmidrosis.

Methods: One hundred cases (200 sides) of patients with bilateral osmidrosis axillae outpatients who came to our hospital during Sep 2012 to Dec 2015 were selected in this study. Among the patients, 50 cases were treated under direct vision. One or two incisions about 3-4 cm were performed in each side, flaps were separated to the border of armpit hair in superficial fascia layer and turned over, the secreting part of apocrine sweat glands were trimmed completely under direct vision. The other 50 cases were treated under blindness. Incisions were less than 1 cm, flaps were separated beyond the border of armpit hair 0.5 cm in superficial fascia layer, the secreting part of apocrine sweat glands were trimmed or secretion and catheter part were cut under blindness.

Results: In direct vision group, 49 cases were cured and 5 cases (8 sides) had complications. In blindness group, 47 cases were cured and 6 cases (6 sides) had complications. Two groups of data were analysed by chi square test and there were no statistical differences between them (P>0.05).

Conclusion: Both techniques are effective, physicians can choose any operation according to his experience and the patient’s specific situation.

Author(s): Guo Liu, Liping Zhou, Wenhao Zhang
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