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Comparing Ficus vogelii leaf extract and omeprazole as therapy and prophylaxis for aspirin-induced gastric ulcer in wistar rat.

Background: A proper attention is required to prevent the gastric mucosa from injurious effect of aspirin. Objective: We aim to examine the phytochemicals in aqueous extract of Ficus vogelii leaf (F.V.E), and compare their actions on aspirin-induced gastric ulcer with that of Omeprazole. Materials and Methods: Thirty wistar rats (about 8 wks old and weight, 120g each) were divided into 6 groups of five rats each. With the aid of oro-gastric cannula, the groups were administered a daily dose of Omeprazole and F.V.E as follows: group 1 (negative control)-2 ml of distilled water; group 2– Omeprazole 20 mg/kg body weight (bwt) for 10 days, followed by aspirin 500 mg/kg bwt for 3 days; group 3-aspirin 500 mg/kg bwt for 3days, followed by F.V.E 600 mg/kg bwt for 10 days; group 4-aspirin 500 mg/kg bwt for 3 days, followed by Omeprazole 20 mg/kg bwt for 10 days; group 5-F.V.E 600 mg/kg bwt for 10 days, followed by aspirin 500 mg/kg bwt for 3 days; group 6 (positive control)-aspirin 500 mg/kg bwt for 3 days. The rats were sacrificed and the stomach tissues were processed, stained with H & E and PAS, and biochemically analyzed for NP-SH group concentration. Results: F.V.E has high concentrations of saponins and flavonoids. Rats in group 1, 4 and 5 showed normal gastric mucosa. Group 2 and 6 showed gastric ulceration with significant increase in parietal cell count (p<0.01), and reduction in surface cell diameter and count. Group 3 showed evidence of regenerated mucosa. All groups except positive control had normal NP-SH group concentration. Conclusion: The study proved that F.V.E could be used as both therapy and prophylaxis for aspirininduced gastric ulcer in wistar rat while omeprazole adequately served as a therapy for the ulcer.

Author(s): Ezemagu UK, Akunna GG, Egwu OA, Uzomba GC, Nwite KN
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