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Comparative assessment of periodontal complex by experimental method and elaboration of new protocols for corresponding treatment of external and perforating internal resorption resulted many years after trauma

Objective The objective of the study is to assess the condition of periodontal complex by cone beam computed tomography and objective data of gingival crevicular fluid in young with different types of tooth root resorption as a result of a maxillofacial trauma, and to use the obtained results to develop new treatment strategy. Material and Methods This clinical, experimental, non-randomized study included cone beam computed tomography as well as determination of gingival crevicular fluid volume and pH in 4 patients who were divided in two groups. Both groups consisted of the patients with tooth root external and perforating internal resorption. In the first group (G1) antibiotics was administered along with conventional endodontic treatment, while in the second group (G2) endodontic treatment was carried out without antibiotics. Results in the G1 the volume of gingival crevicular fluid was 6 mm2 and more, while pH was 6.5. No pain or edema were observed during the postoperative period. In the G2, the volume of gingival crevicular fluid was 6 mm2 and more, while pH was 7,0 and 6,5 in external and perforating internal resorption, respectively. Postoperative period was accompanied by pain, while edema was observed in perforating internal resorption. Conclusions According to the results obtained within the frames of this experimental study it can be concluded that the change in objective data of gingival crevicular fluid occurs in external and perforating internal root resorptions, while the use of antibiotics during the postoperative period prevents the occurrence of tenderness and complications such as edema.

Author(s): Artak G Heboyan, Anna A Avetisyan
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