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Combined symptoms of social communication impairments: promising signs for early screening of autism

Objectives: It’s difficult to discover autism as early as possible for early intervention because no generally accepted effective signs could be used for early detection. This article aims to investigate highfrequency traits of autism and identify predictive signs for early screening.

Methods: A comprehensive observation scale was completed by parents. The common traits of 228 cases of children who were diagnosed as typical autism were collected and analysed with SPSS24.0.

Results: Impairments in “social communication” and “language development” are the most serious during the four aspects (P<0.01), whose mean response rate are 74.55% and 76.16% respectively. In “social communication”, high-frequency traits with single response rate ≥ 90% has a significant difference than the single response rate<90% at the abnormal behavior appeared age of ≤ 18 months (P<0.01), and once they appeared it will be persistent and don’t disappear with age (P>0.05).

Conclusions: The results suggest that high-frequency combined traits in “social communication” could be used as early signs for screening and detection of autism.

Author(s): Jian Gao, Yong Heng Duan, Sheng Lin, Ping Yang, Hui Song, Qiu Li Jia, Fang Ling Duan, Kai Feng Zheng, Bao Jiang Wang, Ling Hua Zhang, Xue Ying Gu, He Yun Wang, Xu Chun Zeng, Hao Shao, Shan Duan
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