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Combinational of linear and non-linear agent routing for wireless body area network

Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) is a technology that brings health care to new personalization level. Small sensors are inserted inside the body and monitor person’s physiological state. WBANs monitor an individual’s health in living conditions. The mobile phone in WBAN collects the health data from sensors, store and sends the health care data over wireless links. Routing is an essential one for sending the health care data to the destination with minimum delay and routing overhead. However, energy consumption remained unaddressed. In order to reduce the energy consumption while routing the data packets to the destination, an Integrated Linear and Non-Linear Agent Routing Technique (ILNLAR) is designed. ILNLAR technique in WBAN collects the data packets from different nodes and senses with help of sensing agent. After sensing the data rate gets extracted and classifies the sensed data packets based on emergency and normal conditions. Then, ILNLAR technique performs linear routing and non-linear routing based on nature of the data to reduce the delay and routing overhead. Finally, ILNLAR technique transmits the data packets to sink node in an efficient manner. Performance results shows that the proposed ILNLAR technique obtains the better performance in terms of delay, energy consumption, routing overhead and throughput as compared to the state-of-the-art works.

Author(s): NR Ram Mohan, S Padmalal, B Chitra
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