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Biomedical Research

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Combination of fuzzy c-means clustering and texture pattern matrix for brain MRI segmentation

The process of image segmentation can be defined as splitting an image into different regions. It is an important step in medical image analysis. We introduce a hybrid tumor tracking and segmentation algorithm for Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI). This method is based on Fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm (FCM) and Texture Pattern Matrix (TPM). The key idea is to use texture features along with intensity while performing segmentation. The performance parameters can be improved by using Texture Pattern Matrix (TPM). FCM is capable of predicting tumor cells with high accuracy. In FCM homogeneous regions in an image are obtained based on intensity. Texture Pattern Matrix (TPM) provides details about spatial distribution of pixels in an image. Experimental results obtained by applying proposed segmentation method for tracking tumors are presented. Various performance parameters are evaluated by comparing the outputs of proposed method and Fuzzy C-means algorithm. The computational complexity and computation time can be reduced by using this hybrid segmentation method.

Author(s): Shijin Kumar PS, Dharun VS
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