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Colonic intussusception caused by an ulcerating lipoma in an adult: A rare case report and literature review

Intestinal lipomas are rare nonepithelial tumors that are typically small in size and detected incidentally. Colonic intussusception is an uncommon complication of colonic lipoma. A 56 y old woman visited our emergency room with sudden onset of intermittent abdominal cramps. A CT scan showed a 5.0 cm, nodular, homogenous, hypodense structure in the hepatic flexure of the colon as the lead point of an intussusception. The hypodense structure was suggestive of a colonic lipoma, and the tumor was suspected to be the cause of the intestinal intussusception. Laparoscopic exploration was performed, and the pathology demonstrated a mature submucosal colonic lipoma. In addition to the case report, we discuss the role of imaging modalities in diagnosing neoplasms and for assessing the clinical behavior of lipomas when symptomatic.

Author(s): Yingying Zhuang, Shipeng Liu, Yuntao Shi, Zhonghong Wang, Wei Huang, Daoyan Lu, Jiandong Zhang, Dan Kong, Bin Wang
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